I’ve been one of those anti-directioner people for a while… (please don’t hurt me) I just never really got the appeal besides a group of hot guys and a few good songs I heard on the radio.

But today, something happened. Something IMPORTANT. (Be prepared for an insanely long post.)

I logged onto tumblr, and had been scrolling through various pictures of gay couples and British people and what-not, when I saw a post about Harry and Louis. It was a gif, where they looked at each other just so INTENSELY and PASSIONATELY… I think I might’ve cried a little, no joke.

But stupid me scrolled on down, until another picture popped up of the two. And I couldn’t help it, I searched for all tumblr posts related to “Larry Stylinson.”

And now… I ship it. I ship it hard. In fact, they are now officially one of my OTPs.

Don’t ask me why. I don’t know.

I know this seemed ridiculously serious, but I promise that if you just saw the way they looked at each other, you’d feel the exact same way.

I’m sorry for going on like this. I needed to say it.


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